15-Decade Rosary

15-Decade Rosary

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Our 15-decade rosaries are assembled and hand-knotted with prayers by the nuns of our community.  A wonderful gift for someone receiving the sacraments of the Church, beginning religious life, celebrating an wedding, ordination or anniversary, or someone homebound, suffering from prolonged illness or injury, or with limited mobility.  

Options for ordering include:

  • With crucifix (as pictured) or with only a ring to which you can attach your own crucifix when you receive it

  • "Dominican-style" or "Roman-style": Dominican style has only one bead between the crucifix and the centerpiece knot; Roman-style has the familiar "one-three-one" bead order between the crucifix and centerpiece knot

  • Large beads in either brown olive wood or black lacquered wood beads (pictured)

PLEASE NOTE: the black lacquer beads are not olive wood.  Additionally, with use and time, especially if worn as a habit rosary, the black lacquer will wear to reveal the brown wood of the bead; for color durability, we recommend the brown olive wood, which ages to a rich dark brown.

Dominican Family members qualify for a 10% discount on this item at checkout.  If you don't already have the coupon code, email us before ordering!

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