Sister Mary Rose

Sister Mary Rose
of the Sacred Heart, O.P.


As a young girl Sister wanted to dedicate her life immediately to the service of the Lord. In her parish library she found a book, Dominican Nuns in Their Cloister, which seemed to have the answer to her aspirations. Sister applied to the Monastery in Cincinnati, Ohio and was accepted. After a few months she began to have heart trouble and was obliged to leave the monastery. With youth on her side, a couple of years of rest enabled her to try monastic life once again. This time she chose our monastery in California.

The combination of our Solemn Liturgy and our times for quiet private prayer seems to Sister Mary Rose to be a very efficacious way of saving souls.

The adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is her special devotion. She spends many hours each day as a guard of honor before our Eucharistic Lord in prayer for the needs of many, especially those who are troubled, who are in pain, who are tempted, who are in positions of authority. Our Holy Father the Pope is a special object of her prayers which are frequent for his guidance, wisdom, health, and his personal growth in holiness.

Sister Mary Rose has delightful talent in simple decorations, using plain and ordinary materials to give a festive touch to a table or altar. Her lovely and colorful crocheted afghans are a favorite item in the monastery Gift Shop.