Saint John - He Saw and He Believed

He saw and he believed. St. John saw an empty tomb and burial cloths rolled up and folded; he believed the mysterious words of his Master, “on the third day he will rise again”. St. John did not need to see Jesus. It was enough that his body was no longer in the tomb.

In the same way, Simeon, years earlier, had been satisfied at seeing and holding in his arms a tiny baby: “Now Lord you can let your servant can go in peace. Your word has been fulfilled.” Simeon did not need to see the child advance in wisdom, age and favor to carry out his saving mission. It was enough that he had come into the world to fulfill the promises so long awaited. Simeon died and waited among the just. How glad he must have been when Jesus triumphantly threw open the gates of heaven: “I knew it was just small a matter of time!”

John had waited those three days with Mary who knew how to believe the impossible with God. “Three days, we will see him again. It is just small a matter of time.” They did see Him. We see a figure in a nativity scene, but we believe that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we too shall see his glory when the time comes.