How We Spent Our Summer Vacation! Part One: A Prophet-able Retreat

September already?!  For most that means school is back in full swing, complete with extra-curricular activities, and a busy work schedule.  And for many students, that first assignment is to write a report, or share with the class "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."

As for our community, our last blog post was published at the end of July (yikes!) and entitled, "Into the Desert!" as we began our annual retreat.  Some of you may have begun to wonder whether we got lost there!  So, here is the first of our report, "How Nuns Spend a Summer Vacation."

A Prophet-able Retreat

Reading in Cloister with OHF Dominic IMG_7048.jpg

We had our annual retreat from July 26 to August 2 with Fr. Michael Carey, O.P. as our retreat master. He gave us thought-provoking homilies and morning reflections from the daily Mass readings, which focused on the prophet Jeremiah; in the afternoon, his reflections were on the life of Moses, whose relationship with God stands out as a model of the Christian life. 

Thank you for your prayers for our community, particularly during our retreat.  We came out of it renewed and refreshed, with new insights to continue our own journey and adventure with the Lord.