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Paschal Joy Shared, Paschal Joy Multiplied

We learned in grade school that if you have three apples and you give one to your friend, you are left with two apples – you’re possession of created goods has decreased.  Yet, with spiritual goods, this is not true!  In fact, with God, the more you share, the more you have and if you try to keep spiritual goods for yourself, what little you have slips through your fingers.

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Happy [Asian] New Year!

Last Saturday we celebrated the lunar New Year with our Asian sisters (and brothers!).  In Asian culture, the New Year is similar to Thanksgiving Day for Americans.  It is a ten-day celebration filled with food, games and gifts, honoring the past year and all our loved ones who have gone before us, as well as a time to look forward to fresh beginnings and what the coming year might bring.  Our community has sisters from Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines, but we were all excited to celebrate with them!

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