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Love Stands By

What was that Saturday morning like for Mary?  Just yesterday, she stood by at the foot of His cross, unable to take Him in her arms as she did when he was a small boy.  To brush his locks of hair from his sweaty brow and offer him a drink like she did when he was a young man, working as a carpenter in Joseph’s shop.  He looked at her, she looked at him.  It reminded her of their first look so long ago in that stable in Bethlehem when He was born and she wrapped Him in swaddling cloths and laid Him in a rough-hewn manger.  Now they looked at each other as he was stretched out on a rough-hewn cross, soon to be wrapped in burial cloths and laid in a cold, dark tomb.  But these two looks held eternity… and then he gave her the next phase of her mission, her motherhood: “Behold your son.”  And with that, she went to live with John in his house. 

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