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Lust, Love and Angelic Warfare

His mother was appalled by her young son’s choice of life vocation - he had the world at his fingertips and he would throw it away to be a poor friar?! His brothers scoffed, kidnapped him, and locked him in a tower of the family castle until he changed his mind. His sisters begged and cajoled, but the young man converted them to his way of thinking. Then his brothers decided to try a different approach. He was a young, vigorous man, after all. So they sent into his room a beautiful woman of ill repute to seduce him.

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The Story of a Princess Dominican

One day, a Dominican friar came to the monastery to preach to the Dominican nuns. The community invited him to stop the night and give them a second sermon the next day. The friar refused; he had work to do and could not spare the time. Leaving the parlor, he went in search of his horse and trap, for King Bela had evidently built a bridge from the mainland to the island. Margaret was very anxious for him to remain; when, however, she saw that he was determined to go, she made no comment but betook herself to prayer.

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Loving to the End

What would you do if you knew today would be your last?  That during the night, one of your closest friends would betray you to others who would see that you suffered a cruel and painful death?  Would you gather with your friends for one final farewell?  Would you have one more adventure, one more thrill?  Would you throw up your hands, cry out to God?  Would you try to seek out your betrayer before you were betrayed?  What would you do?

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