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Private Audience with a Saint

It goes without saying that by living a cloistered life, we have made the choice to forego going outside our monastery walls, even for good causes, such as a liturgical or devotional event within the local Church. Because of the graces and blessings of this life, we are usually not too troubled by this fact. But our community is especially blessed to have a local Church that is mindful of our cloister and “goes the extra mile.”

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Dominican Joy (with Our Latest Video)!

A young woman recently completed her aspirancy with our community. As she was nearing the end of her month-long stay, one of the sisters asked her, “Has anything surprised you during your time here?” The young woman smiled and exuberantly responded, “You’re all crazy – in a good way! I didn’t expect you to have so much fun!” She’s not the first to be surprised by our Dominican joy.

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