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Our Life


As free women under grace, living harmoniously together in oneness of heart and mind and dedicated to a hidden life of prayer and sacrifice, by our public profession of solemn vows, we are entirely and perpetually consecrated to God and united with the life and mission of Christ Jesus and the apostolic mission of the Order of Preachers, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.


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The fate of humanity is decided by the prayerful hearts and uplifted hands of contemplative women.
– Pope Francis, Vultum Dei Quaerere

The nuns of the Order of Preachers came into being in 1206 when our holy Father Dominic gathered women converts to the Catholic faith in the Monastery of Blessed Mary of Prouille in France.  These women, free for God alone, he associated with his “holy preaching” by their prayer and penance.  Our holy Father drew up a rule to be followed and constantly showed a father’s love and care for these nuns and for others established later in the same way of life.  In fact, “they had no other master to instruct them about the Order.”  Finally, he entrusted them as part of the same Order to the fraternal concern of his sons, the friars.

By their way of life, both the friars and the nuns press onward to that perfect love of God and neighbor which is effective in caring for and obtaining the salvation of all people.  As the Lord Jesus, the Savior of all, offered Himself completely for our salvation, they consider themselves to be truly His members primarily when they are spending themselves totally for souls.  The friars, sisters and laity of the Order are “to preach the name of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world;” the nuns are to seek, ponder and call upon Him in solitude so that the word proceeding from the mouth of God may not return to Him empty, but may accomplish those things for which it was sent. 


our life of prayer

Persevering with Mary in prayer, we offer a sacrifice of praise to God
and intercede for the apostolic mission of the Order and the salvation of souls.

our life of the word

We are privileged to bless God because He has first blessed us. Through listening to the word, celebrating it, studying it and keeping it in our hearts, we participate in the ministry of the Word.

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In the one Spirit, we receive the Word from God the Father with one faith, contemplate Him with one heart, and praise Him with one voice;
in him we are made one body, share in the one bread and hold all things in common.

our life as preachers

By our hidden life, we proclaim prophetically that
in Christ alone is true happiness to be found.


become a dominican

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Since the founding of the first monastery of Dominican nuns by our Holy Father Dominic at Prouille, France in 1206,
thousands of women, free for God alone, have answered His call to become associated with the "holy preaching" of the Dominican Order
by their hidden life of prayer and sacrifice - for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

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For parenTS

Parents, when considering the loveliness of their daughter
and her God-given gifts and talents,
often cultivate hopes and dreams for her,
which are born of love for her and a desire for her happiness...

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Pray.  Invite.  Encourage.  If not you, then who?
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